Town Centre Bad Honnef

Characterised by gardens and with direct references to both the Siebengebirge region and the banks of the River Rhine, Bad Honnef has high open-space attributes and scenic qualities. The dense inner town is worked out as an urban counterpart to the landscape context. A green town ambience is preserved by maintaining the prized stock of trees. The appealing morphology of the alleys and the sequence of squares are correlated, brought together and strengthened in their legibility by a uniform covering of paving and the impressive canopy of lime trees on the market square is preserved. The Church of St. John the Baptist is opened up by the removal of specific trees and integrated into its environment. A paved tableau on all sides of the church spatially articulates the cultural value of the building within the town. The forceful topography of the Franz-Xaver-Trip Square is intercepted by seating and walking steps and overcome without thresholds by use of a ramp. The ‚Siebengebirge‘ play landscape, planned to be suitable for all ages, gains additional play value due to its topographical character. At the Rathausplatz, reorganisation of the parking spaces will significantly increase the quality of stay. A loose, green frame creates an attractive space in front of the library and the registry office.