Market Square Pfullingen

St. Martin‘s Church in Pfullingen stands majestically above the surrounding market square. The topography is currently being transcended by rejecting walls, and it is necessary to significantly improve the linkage of the church and also to integrate the square within its urban context. The nearby Lindenplatz is currently dominated by traffic but still has high potential for constructional and open space use in accordance with its central location.

The market square and Lindenplatz as well as Laiblinsplatz to the south are delineated as parts of an urban sequence, and among other things are characterised by their connection to the Pfullingen town waterways. Their respectively independent identities emerge to an even greater degree via a calm and uniformly designed homogeneity. A uniform paved covering forms the calm basis for lively town life, and a stairway design gently evolving from the topography achieves a natural and generous integration of St. Martin‘s Church into the market square. The church stairway itself becomes a public and appealingly vivid site in the centre of the town. At Lindenplatz, a new sense of urban quality is established through reduction of the traffic areas and their formulation at the same level and with identical material. The square stretches from facade to facade and a loosely arranged grove of trees overhangs the centre of the square, offering shade for a water feature at the same level.