Market Square Neuerburg

Neuerburg’s location in the valley of the river Enz, which falls at the mill, damp moss in the dense forest, the view of the compact town with the church and castle towering above after making the climb: a walk reveals the partly hidden treasures surrounding the compact historic centre and its market square. We see it as the heart of the town – in the context of everyday life as well as during festivals. A carpet of uniform pavement will join the historic centre of Neuerburg together as a whole. A high-quality and precisely fitted tableau accentuates the centre of the square. It is reinforced as a stage for urban life by means of warm grey flagstones. This way, the scale of the urban space formerly covered in buildings once again becomes legible as a free interpretation. On the long sides, two loosely arranged rows of trees and benches underline the spatial frame of the tableau. In the light shade, generous benches and casually arranged armchairs provide a high-quality setting for lingering and resting “within and without”, combined with the best view of the surrounding city and Eifel landscape. The narrow river whooshing in the valley and the rough slate on the steep valley slopes serve as inspiration for a special “Neuerburger Brunnenspiel”, which provides the square with playful and invigorating momentum.