Historic Town Centre Eutin

The town centre of Eutin, situated between the banks of the two ‚Eutin Lakes‘, is characterised by a lively sequence of streets and squares. These are to be fundamentally upgraded in line with the Landesgartenschau Eutin in 2016.

The station square, the historic market square and the green Schlossplatz will in future be supplemented by park-like accesses to the Grosser Eutiner See. The specific, independent identities of the squares will be emphasised. A connection between the squares, designed uniformly and calmly in material and fixtures, renders these experiential. The opportunity to link Eutin‘s inner townscape with its landscape context at material and detail levels is referenced by the extensive reuse of the local natural stone paving as well as by the use of water as a tangible guiding element for the newly designed squares.