Oriaplatz and Remsgarten, Lorch/Württemberg

The redesign of Schillerplatz (now Oriaplatz) and the Rems waterway facilities as well as the bringing to life of the River Rems in this regard were the focus of the 2014 competition as part of the Remstal Garden Show 2019. The spatially and atmospherically differing sites of Oriaplatz and Remsgarten are connected by uniform natural stone paving. The openly designed stage in the square in front of the Bürgerhaus [Merchant House] and the park meadow in the Remsgarten which slopes gently down to the river each have their own specific qualities. Access to the water takes place in different ways. The Götzenbach can be experienced as an urban brook via steps for climbing and sitting on the square, integrated into a bank wall clad in strips of natural stone. Elsewhere, access is minimally invasive via a meadow path leading to where the Götzenbach flows into the Rems. The prized stock of chestnut and beech trees has been largely preserved and now forms the spatial opposite to the Bürgerhaus. Schillerstrasse, crossing the square, was integrated at the same level and with the same material. The square was ceremoniously inaugurated in May 2019, receiving its new name of ‚Oriaplatz‘ as a gift to Lorch‘s twin town In Italy.

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