Schillerplatz and Remsanlagen, Lorch/Württemberg

The Rems and Götzenbach waterways will be the focus of the redesign of Schillerplatz and the Rems land areas as part of the Remstal Garden Show 2019.

The subspaces of Schillerplatz, Remsgarten and Remswiese are understood as ‚stages‘ of communal town life in addition to the three public buildings (burgher house, municipal hall and Stauffer school), and their identity is to be designed in an appropriately nuanced way. The open design of the squares and their tree-lined peripheral zones emphasise the principle of a ‚stage‘. A uniform covering links up the spatially and atmospherically differing sites. The topographical orientation and expansive opening of the view to the landscape scenery of the Rems represent special qualities of the new open spaces along the banks. Site-specific furnishing units strengthen the mutual relationship between the town and the Rems and Götzenbach rivers. Large-format, robust wooden benches offer seating and reclining options with views to the city and the water. Due to their design with a variety of uses they simultaneously act as walkway surfaces and spectator stands in interplay with the openness of the ‚stage‘.

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