Garden Show Eppingen

For the town of Eppingen, the locality‘s Garden Show offers the opportunity to significantly improve and network its open space- and recreational structures. A centuries-old interaction between the town and the two rivers of Elsenz and Hilsbach provides the basis for the design. The historical, present and future lines of the Eppingen watercourses accompany the stone contours of the town and form the identity-giving ‚characters‘ of the new open spaces. All interventions aim at a quality experience of the waterways and the future natural regeneration of their banks. In the area of the Bahnhofswiesen park, the direction towards the town is indicated with an appropriate prelude via a generously dimensioned urban terrace with a clear view towards the impressive roof landscape of the old town. Widening of the paths creates river and meadow terraces with a high quality of stay.

The open space at Bachwegle on the Elsenz river is characterised by its use for domestic gardening and its proximity to the town wall. Two public riverside meadows create an attractive sequence of spaces between the stone town wall, the fertile gardens and the river bank with a design close to nature.