Haalplatz and Unterwöhrd, Schwäbisch Hall

The density of the old town district of Schwäbisch Hall and the wide space along the Kocher River form a balanced ensemble. Haalplatz and the Große Unterwöhrd are activated as identity-creating places of Schwäbisch Hall town life and emphasised as powerful links in the urban space. The Haal fountain will be left exposed as a ‚gem of high attraction‘ and will again become a central meeting point in the future. Opposite, the new Globe Theater in Schwäbisch Hall on Unterwöhrd island already becomes visible from afar. The theatre will also be assigned a simple square that is open to diverse use. The squares are designed in a simple and generously open way and can be used in versatile forms as ‚platforms for city life‘. Nuanced options for use and stay are made possible in the peripheral areas. Loosely planted with trees, the edges receive a high dwelling quality with direct reference to the open centre of the square. The visual references to the surrounding city panorama are simultaneously preserved and staged in a stimulating way. Narrow ‚Kocher steps‘ at Haalplatz also connect the square level with the attractive river bank, and in the future will integrate it more strongly into urban life.

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