Karlsplatz Sigmaringen

Karlsplatz, the north-easterly entrance to the old town of Sigmaringen, is situated between the former royal stables and the castle of the princes of Hohenzollern. It is currently characterised by the high volume of traffic on the southern ring road of the town. With reorganisation of the traffic and the continuation of the sequence of public spaces in the Sigmaringen pedestrian zone, along with the completion of the parking structure between Prinzengarten, Hofgarten, the castle cliff and the Danube, Karlsplatz becomes a powerful link in the urban space of Sigmaringen. The topography sloping towards the Danube and the surroundings of the Prince Karl monument, closed on the town side, are carefully adapted – a slightly raised, framed plateau distances the central part of the square from the road traffic and exposes the centre of the square in the direction of the Marstall and castle hill. The topographically raised plateau on Karlsplatz provides a uniformly shaped lawn with a high sense of value. Akin to a valuable painting, the surface sits slightly lowered and surrounded by a finely profiled framework. This ‚area and frame‘ extend a warm invitation to the citizens and visitors of the town of Sigmaringen. The light, openly designed space will in the future bring city history and city life together.