Innovation promenade, Bonn

The ‚Immenburg‘ in Bonn, or more precisely the 630m-long Immenburgstrasse in the direct vicinity of Bonn‘s main railway station, has until now been primarily familiar as a place for street prostitution. The quarter will however change as a result of new settlements, including on the adjacent slaughterhouse yard. The location of Immenburgstrasse between the city centre and the university campus also provides important potential.

Changeability and adaptability are the leitmotifs of design for the development of the district as an innovation-friendly location. The two bridges in the north and south supplement the continued strong traffic use of the Immenburgstrasse with a significant component of non-motorised flows of movement. To this end, the existing road and the new promenade will be brought together with a covering of uniform asphalt paving. The result is a promenade space precisely structured by ground markings and surface treatments. The combined directions of the two cycle paths and a wide pedestrian zone on the north-western side, supported by the accompanying avenue of pioneer trees, leads to an expansive promenade profile which is able to ‚counteract‘ the width of the Immenburgstrasse.