City Centre Markkleeberg

The thousand-year history of the town of Markkleeberg is rich in images and stories: two separate villages, the Battle of the Nations, brown coal open-cast mining and, in the future, the new lake landscape. The historical photographs of the Rathausstrasse are also indicative of the agility of Markleeberg residents concerning the future: the zeppelin high up in the sky, the steam-powered railway in the middle of the townscape and people observing the scenery in broad rows. In these photographs, Rathausstrasse is less a street than a communal space between the two villages of Gautzsch and Oetzsch. Play, chat and marvel – in Markkleeberg people met and continue to meet between Koburger Strasse, the ring road and the town hall. All further derivations for the redesign of Rathausstrasse are made based on this ‚equitable and public‘ motif. A uniform covering generously connects both town sectors of Markkleeberg and a series of characteristic squares complements the existing and new solitary buildings that characterise the townscape. New uses and buildings complement the appearance of the town without dominating it. Rathausstrasse can be used equally by all, and is designed as a stage for both everyday and special urban cohabitation.