Rudolphsplatz, Marburg

Rudolphsplatz was transformed in the 1960‘s in accordance with the concept of a car-friendly city. Within the framework of the urban development competition, possibilities for building development and new access to the Lahn flood plain are to be depicted.

The planned development with intended use of the library emblematically marks access to the city at the Weidenhäuser Bridge and strengthens the connection between the two parts of the town. At the same time, a buffer to the traffic area is established and a new quality of stay at the water created. The river bank in the area of Rudolphsplatz is designed as a sequence of nuanced atmospheres. In the south, a new waterfront square with a spacious open flight of steps and a bridge over the Lahn is being built. In the vicinity of the municipal library a meadow on the banks of the river provides a high quality of stay near the water. The shady Lahnplatz to the north of the Weidenhäuser Bridge is intended to be embellished with seasonal cafés. Through the proposed interventions, the surroundings of the Weidenhäuser Bridge will be integrated into the urban space, and the riverbank area of the Lahn is transformed into a place of experience.