Town Centre Lengerich

The town centre, as a central and diversely linked business, cultural and residential location, is of high significance for Lengerich‘s overall urban development. Whether in everyday life or for festivals and events and for both visitors from afar and local citizens: the identity of the town of Lengerich is linked to the urban sequence between Bodelschwingh Square and Wapakoneta Square. A uniform and calm paving cover in a row arrangement connects and marks the pedestrian zone as a ‚holistic unit‘, and the individual squares are emphasised by a non-directional association of identical formats functioning as fitting pieces within the urban fabric. The already redesigned Rathausplatz [town hall square] forms an integral part of the future ensemble due to its use of comparable materiality. Loosely arranged trees accentuate the squares and serve to decelerate flows of movement. The ‚Lengericher Linie‘, a flatly concave drainage and guiding ribbon, leads through Lengerich‘s pedestrian zone. Pedestrians take precedence along the length of this ribbon – there is also always something to see and the site is a good place to meet. Link to the projectpage