Willy-Brandt-Platz, Gütersloh

The front forecourt area of Gütersloh central railway station is currently dominated by the disorganised mass of cycle parking spaces and connection to the city centre is considerably restricted by the existing bus station and associated installations. Relocation of the bus station now presents an opportunity to qualify the environment of the main station regarding several aspects. The reorganisation will strengthen the visual and spatial link between the city centre and the station environment and also optimise the transfer options between rail, public transport, bicycle and car. The robust and high quality design of Willy Brandt Square transforms it into a ‚kick-off location into the city‘. A uniform materiality of the surfaces merges the area in front of the station with the areas of the bus station. Two large stone plaza furniture units spatially oppose the facade of the station building. Usable on both sides, the furniture forms sites of linkage between station and city and between journey and arrival.