Blücherplatz, Spenge

Blücherplatz in the town of Spenge, as it exists, is barely perceptible. The quality of stay and usability for pedestrians is severely restricted due to the dominance of motorised traffic. For the redesign it is necessary to fundamentally rethink the traffic situation and the open space. A uniform and qualitative covering of paving clinkers defines Blücherplatz, which, freed from stationary and crossing traffic in its central zone, can once again be experienced as a town square. Loosely arranged single trees define the space at its periphery and enable the central area to openly stand out. The characteristic and identity-creating tree population is integrated and the square is emphasised in its importance and impact as a ‚stage for urban life‘. A simple composition of the elements ‚stage, scenery and grandstand‘ creates a clearly legible and versatile space. The ‚flat, open platform‘, the ‚lushly blossoming backdrop‘ and the ‚inviting tribune‘ interact with each other. The circular stage area with its shallow water level, open and expansive, lies between the two raised objects at the edges of the square. This is where celebrations will be enjoyed in the future and where games will be played. The tribune and scenery invite the citizens of the town to stay, linger and observe.

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