Winkelriedplatz, Basel/Switzerland

Winkelriedplatz is the largest public green space and the heart of the inner-city dense neighborhood of Basel-Gundeldingen in the direct vicinity of the Basel SBB train station. Its central location, the multitude of usage demands and the impressive tree population on the square are the starting point for the design. The high-pitched crowns of the fifty linden trees form the space-creating framework for Winkelriedplatz as a 'play space' for the neighborhood and its residents. It is characterized by a natural simultaneity of diverse uses and an open and communal atmosphere. Inviting entrances integrate the square into the urban space in the center and at the corners. The square frame leading inwards opens up the square as a filigree network of paths. Two inlays of in-situ concrete function as a roller rink, a stage, and a water feature. The two elements quote the design of the 1960s and frame the open and freely usable tree hall. The project was designed based on the September 2017 competition design and completed in August 2023.
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