Winkelriedplatz, Basel/Switzerland

Winkelriedplatz is the largest public green space and the core of the densely populated Basel-Gundeldingen neighbourhood in the immediate vicinity of the Basel SBB railway station. Its central location, the multitude of usage requirements and the impressive stock of trees on the square are the point of departure for the design. The high crowns of the fifty lime trees form the spatial framework for Winkelriedplatz as an ‘area of play’ for the quarter and its residents. The quarter itself is characterised by a natural simultaneity of diverse uses as well as an open and communal atmosphere. The square will be structured according to the diversity of the street spaces to the north and south, and optimised integration of the square into the urban context and a reduction of the current acoustic problems is aimed for. Loud uses will be oriented to the ‚loud‘ Dornacher Strasse. Towards the south the square is more openly designed and the activity options appropriately calmer. A framework of medium-high shrub plantings surrounds the area of the square on all sides. Inviting entrées naturally integrate the square in the centre and at the corners into the urban space. The frame leading inwards opens up the square as a filigree network of paths. Various play surfaces as well as the open gravel area of the ‚Baumhalle‘ are enclosed by it.

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