Lido Chamer Fussweg, Zug/Switzerland

The lido is seen as the end of Zug's lakeside promenade and a link between urban strolling and further cycling tours and walks. A scenically sweeping promenade path connects the bathing area, which has been extended to include the Oeschwiese, to Zug's lakeside promenade and makes the diversity of the lido area tangible for the public. Along the promenade path, generous plaza situations with a high quality of stay are offered in interplay with varying tree themes and the differentiated quality of the beaches and meadows. The diversity of spaces and atmospheres along the shoreline of the lido is brought out. From sporty and active to quiet and contemplative, from close to nature to structural - sitting close to the water or gazing across the shady meadow to the lake horizon. For bathing, sunbathing and playing, the three different beaches, but also the various open spaces in the 'back of the bath', each provide space for isolation: The large Oeschwiese with a fine gravel beach, the shady loose grove in the middle of the bath and the spacious terrace with a sandy beach at the 'old bath'. The spatial reinforcement of the city-side back and the opening and orientation towards the lakeshore stages the movement and the view to the lake. The vegetative and loosely tree-lined setting ensures the protection of the privacy of residents and bath visitors and improves it despite the extension of the bath. The development of the baths will be carried out carefully, taking into account the valuable tree population. Existing qualities are supplemented and integrated into a sustainable overall image for the lido.