Motorway Service and Landscape Park Moselle View, Zeltingen-Rachtig

The landscape along the Moselle is characterised by many centuries of careful utilisation and shaping to form an ‚ideal‘ vineyard landscape between the valley and plateau plains. This motif is of high value and has significant cultural and tourist importance. A relaxation area and facility in a plateau location is to be constructed near the Hochmosel Bridge spanning the Moselle valley. An analysis of the topography of the existing plateau forms the basis for the consideration of spatial interventions and three sub-areas are differentiated between: the flat entrance area, the gentle slope and the wide plateau. The rest area is organised compactly on the largely flat surface. The observation tower is located at the topographically exposed south westerly edge and can be intuitively found. Between the slope and the plain, the emergency shelter with surrounding recreational facilities forms a south-west exposed pendant to the tower. An extended circular path forms the framework for the ‚park in the landscape‘ and connects to the network of paths on the plateau as well as in the vineyards.