Lake Harbour Teichland, Neuendorf

The flooding of the North Cottbus open-cast mine planned for 2018 represents an important opportunity for development of the open-cast mining region and the directly adjacent municipality of Neuendorf/Teichland. The theme of a ‚soft‘ harbour which ties in with the water-oriented, cultural landscape history of the location provides a starting point for all design-related interventions. This serves to strengthen the identity of the harbour as a scenic counterpart to the urban port in Cottbus.

A softly formed group of islands protects the harbour and becomes the central, open space at the new Cottbusser Ostsee. A formulation of topography and morphology in accordance with the guiding principle opens the harbour up to the lake, enables expansive views and creates a variety of shore access possibilities along the harbour line. A flat sheet pile wall is combined with embankments and walls to meet the more stringent requirements for bank protection. A seamless public path along the bank creates proximity between visitors and the water, and the linkage between the old village and the harbour is enhanced by urban planning points of orientation and direct footpath connections.