Weser promenade Minden

In the future, Minden's Weser promenade will connect, in a calm and uniform design, three independent spaces full of quality and identity: the shady, dense Weserglacis, the urban-green Schlagde and the open Weser meadow in front of the fishing town. The rhythm of the promenade is determined by the squares in the area of the crossing bridges and the paths leading into the city. The Schlagde, which is located in front of the city center, is transformed from a large parking lot into a lively meeting place on the riverbank, covered with trees. The space reclaimed by the elimination of parking spaces will be used for a variety of urban activities. A generous seating area will be integrated into the existing riverbank wall, behind which 'Parisian flair' will be created on the Weser in the shade of loosely arranged trees.