Konzilmole, Constance

Between 2014 and 2018, the Council of Constance celebrated its 600th anniversary. As part of the competition, a design is being sought for the square in front of the council building at the port of Constance.

An intarsia inlay inserted into the area of the jetty complements the sequence of independent open spaces on the Constance shore (city garden, council breakwater and harbour promenade). The framed, paved area becomes a noble ‚jewel‘ and a place of interaction between the city and the lake as well as between visitors and the citizens of Constance. As a reference to the clinker-paved Münsterplatz as the second location of the Council, the inlay will be provided with a high quality concrete surface with visible natural stone (terrazzo). The cut and sanded coating forms a homogeneous surface that references the surface of the lake. The lake‘s wave lineament is transferred to the square in abstract form. Slightly raised areas differentiate the area and create a variety of recreational possibilities. The area is also brought to life by diverse water activity: as whimsical as the lake and its colours appear, and according to the constant changing of its sounds and waves, various ‚lake impressions‘ are staged and brought to life on the square: a smooth, flat water film alternates with watery mist.