Weserpromenade Minden

In the future, Minden’s Weser promenade, designed in a tranquil and homogenous way, will connect three independent spaces full of quality and identity: the shady, dense Weser glacis, the urban-green Schlagde and the open Weser meadow in front of the Fischerstadt. The rhythm of the promenade is marked by the squares in the areas of the crossing bridges and the paths leading towards the waterfront. The Weser promenade will become the centrepiece of the circular route between Minden’s river banks, which is planned for the long term. From a large parking lot to a lively meeting point on the waterfront and from a dark tunnel to an inviting entrance to the city centre. In the future, the centrally located Schlagde will be “capable” of more than cars, bringing city life even to the areas under bridges. In the first implementation phase, the target is already to comprehensively remove roughly half of the 300 existing parking spaces. The space gained will be utilised in an urban and diverse way. A generous set of steps cut into the bank wall leads to the Weser, bringing an urban “Parisian flair” to the river in the shade of loosely placed trees. Link to the competition page.