Harbour Square Hitdorf, Leverkusen

The site on the wide Rhine horizon exposed on its south-westerly side, and integration into the river landscape, provide a special level of potential for the Hitdorf harbour square. This is noticeable, due to its high harbour wall, as a ‚hard‘ urban square in the spacious Hitdorf Laach and forms Hitdorf‘s exposed ‚address‘ on the River Rhine. The square is designed with a uniform surface to meet the varied and intensive requirements. The rough, industrial history of the location is cited by two qualitative paving inlays inserted into the asphalt covering; areas of high dwelling quality are created between the tracks of the harbour cranes and along the edge of the harbour, offering a broad view towards the Rhine horizon. A loose arrangement of large-format wooden furniture as well as the temporary gastronomy of the harbour café occupy the space. The square is structured parallel to the edge of the harbour: on the Rhine side the focus is on strolling and relaxing. The urban area of the square accommodates motion and traffic and offers much space for markets and events.