Garden Show Höxter

Höxter and Corvey - the lively half-timbered town and the expanse of the field on the Weser. The spatial and atmospheric experience of the shared history of the locations in the sense of a 'journey through time' is the leitmotif for the 2023 Garden Show. Four sub-spaces each tell their own story and offer a variety of spatial and atmospheric qualities. The locations are connected as an open space sequence via the promenade path, which is precisely integrated into the existing structure and runs in a generous arc. The banks of the Weser and the ramparts are developed in a differentiated way from the existing buildings and the pedestrian connections between the city and the riverbank are strengthened. A circular walkway based on the existing structure will encompass the Corvey Historical Park in the Weserbogen. The Archaeological Window, defined by a slightly raised walkway, guides visitors through the history of the site. The Remtergarten in the direct vicinity of the World Heritage Site is understood as an introverted place that offers different atmospheres.