Rheinallee Boppard

Between the steep slopes along the Middle Rhine, characterised by mighty cliffs, the town of Boppard stands out with its park-like green spaces along the banks. A simple, high-quality park promenade is being developed out of the existing park. The inner-city section of the Rheinallee is designed as an urban city promenade. A uniform pavement carpet connects the old town and the Rhine and serves as a quiet ground. Along the city promenade and in the transition to the green sections of the Rheinallee, special places are lined up in a loose sequence. In an interplay with the tree clusters of the avenue, free-standing solitary trees play the space here. The squares will be generously and openly designed and thus become lively meeting places on the banks of the Rhine that can be played in a variety of ways. A clearly hierarchised path structure is being developed for the Georg-Francke-Anlagen - this takes into account the valuable tree population and integrates the park into the urban space in a natural and intuitive way. A half-height 'green ridge' of shrubs and bushes frames the park in the south, which now opens up generously to the Rhine with its more spacious lawns. The water-bound square in the park becomes a lively meeting place for everyday life and culture.