Rheinufer Unteres Werft Uerdingen

Like a fine but continuous joint, the Uerdinger Werft stretches between the old town and the Rhine. Industrial history and atmosphere and the sheer endless expanse of the view come together at this interface. The connections between the city and the riverbank are elaborated and qualified in their comfortable and threshold-free usability. On the shoreline, these connections are taken up with squares, steps and balconies and set in dialogue with the water and the expanse of the Rhine. The Uerdinger Ufer is designed as a continuous 'shipyard promenade' between the Rhine bridge in the south and the pumping station in the north: uniform with light-coloured in-situ concrete for the movement areas and dark, reclaimed basalt paving on the squares. Through its materialisation, the Werft stands out characteristically and clearly from 'usual' cycle paths. Over the decades, the Werft has been shaped by its industrial use; over the years (decades) after its use, valuable biotopes have developed in the joints of the Werft, its walls as well as the tracks. In addition to providing access to the banks of the Rhine, the shipyard promenade also fulfils the function of a largely continuous ecological corridor: like stepping stones, an open strip of low spontaneous vegetation is preserved.