Volme Park, Kierspe

The Volme leisure park in Kierspe, in interaction with the renaturalised Volme River, forms a nature-related, public open space. It constitutes a vital element for a sustainably liveable quarter in the Kierspe railway station district. The special significance of the restored course of the Volme at the centre of the park is emphasised and showcased through its integration in the redesigned topography. Two imposing landscape structures were created as part of the land and legacy management and were reshaped as characteristic structures. The exciting contrast of the park portions on both sides of the Volme enhances the variety of experiences. An activity area for intensive and varied use to the north is juxtaposed with the mostly extensive, partially near-natural south of the park. Sitting steps with a radial shape which were embedded into the topography as well as the stage square in front provide space for the city’s various festivals and events. The new Volme bridge connects the two park sides and integrates the park into the superordinate Volme valley cycle path. The park was inaugurated in July 2017. An extension of the park to the north-west may be implemented over the next years according to land availability.