Quartier and Landscape Park TXL, Berlin

The airfield in Tegel lies in the transition zone between the dense urban quarters of Reinickendorf and the landscape along the Havel, characterised by water and forest. The ‚clearing‘ with an expanse of more than 400 hectares is characterised by its wide horizon and the interesting contrast at its edges. This contrast, which initially appears clear, is however viewed in a more nuanced way. The design interprets the transition and the mixed forms located between factors of density and openness, between the ‚rough‘ atmosphere of the former airfield and the intensity of the new urban space. ‚Small gardening sites‘ merge with an ‚infinite, dry expanse‘. An urban frame encloses the neighbourhood park and amalgamates the gardening and urban utilisation. Flows of motion of different speeds are organised in a differentiated way. In the transition to the Tegeler Stadtheide, a narrowly profiled network of paths is developed from the former taxiways which ties in with the urban structures and broadly opens up the heath as a landscape park. The robust fundamental structure of the park spaces allows multi-faceted and constantly new combinations of use in the areas.