Quartier Park Lincoln-Village, Darmstadt

On the conversion area of the former US-American housing area in the south of Darmstadt, a lively urban quarter for ca. 5,000 residents will be created until 2021. The central quarter park forms the core of the urban development. Surrounded by a loose framework of trees, the southerly exposed, sandy meadow clearing with its wide horizon openly emerges. The “cultivation” of the extensive meadow, which in part is a registered habitat, will be carried out via a framework of the circular main path and three grass terraces for a high-quality visitor experience. The absence of further intersection of the meadow surface by structurally formulated paths makes the site a special place with an atmospheric quality originating from its inherent expanse and roughness. The entity of the primary school marks the eastern entrance to the Lincoln residential district on Heidelberger Strasse. Two square terraces with trees border the square in front of the buildings. The green axis leading to the north becomes legible via a light grove as an independent space of neighbourly character between the surrounding residential buildings. The completion has been made in early 2021.
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