Garden Show Kirchheim

The municipality of Kirchheim to the east of Munich has laid essential foundations for the State Garden Show with an urban development plan for 2030. The aim is to establish the local park as the connecting centre of Kirchheim via the garden show in 2024. The existing and planned urban ‚diversity‘ will in future be coherently held together by the central park space. This creates references, mediates and links. The linear green corridor between Heimstetten and Kirchheim is interwoven, via a robust network of paths, with the cross-references originating from the districts. Starting with the inviting park entrances, intuitive path connections and diverse circular paths are created. Public buildings that create identity, new residential quarters and diverse uses are integrated into and connected to the park in a gardened, green park framework. A walk through the rhythmically structured layout of the town park becomes tangible as an enjoyable spatial sequence: the small wood flooded with light, the high and densely overgrown wall, and in between the open expanse of the meadows.