Garden show, Bad Urach

In the transition between the elongated settlement area of Bad Urach in the valley and the adjoining landscape space characterised by open expanses, a variety of park spaces are created along the swinging blue ribbon of the Erms. Each one is spatially and atmospherically independent and characteristic in terms of its inventory, offerings and situations along the river. The discovering walk along the Erms, through the upgraded spa park and "the two new ones" offers a sequence of impressively intense experiences as well as an interplay of small-scale, diverse situations and generously open meadow images, connected by a pathway developed from the existing ones. Between the Kurpark, Bürgerpark and Auenpark, this is qualified in its profile and accentuated by the accompanying squares and bridges as a circular loop. The "Spielspange" in the Bürgerpark in front of the new development and the "Kurspange" between the Graf Eberhard Hotel, the thermal baths and the Ermstalhalle form special places and link the fine network of paths, as well as other "Urach path nodes", to the surrounding urban and landscape space.