Quartier Centre Lincoln-Village, Darmstadt

The district park and three educational buildings (kindergarten, school and sports hall) form the common core of the urban development of the Lincoln settlement in the south of Darmstadt – a quarter for 5,000 residents. Three subspaces are differentiated based on the meagre and dry conditions of the location and taking into account the urban design for the neighbourhood. Surrounded by a loose framework of trees, the southerly exposed, sandy meadow clearing with its wide horizon openly emerges. The ‚cultivation‘ of the expansive meadow, benefiting from significant protection as a biotope, is carried out via the framed setting of a circular main path with slightly raised meadow terraces as locations for staying and lingering. The absence of further intersection of the meadow surface by structurally formulated paths makes the site a special place with an atmospheric quality originating from its inherent expanse and roughness. The entity of the primary school marks the eastern entrance to the Lincoln residential district on Heidelberger Strasse. Based on the structurally defined entrance situation at the tram stop, the district square generously opens up to the west towards the park. The educational campus, subdivided into single buildings, blends spatially and topographically into the park and represents a backdrop for the quarter that accompanies the street. The green axis leading to the north becomes legible via a light grove as an independent space of neighbourly character.

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