Panoramic Walk Petersberghang, Erfurt

The citadel situated on the Petersberg is one of the most important testimonies to Erfurt‘s diverse city history. Up until the Federal Garden Show in 2021, barrier-free development of the 17 m high pediment slope should make a significant contribution to the integration of the former citadel into the urban space.

A clear division into a stone base and the exposed meadow slope is planned for the embankment. The historical fortress as a massive crown of the Petersberg will be topographically delineated. The linear direction of the flight of steps in the slope, seemingly aiming at the striking south-eastern corner of the Leonhard rampart, is already invitingly visible from the distant cathedral square. Two routes of independent quality are planned: the linear sloped staircase leads shortly and directly upwards via about 100 steps and the narrow, barrier-free panorama route leads over a distance of 460 m up to the Petersberg. Two viewing plateaus, situated on the ‚lower‘ wall base and on the ‚upper‘ circular path, form special places for dwelling with a wide view of the cathedral and the old city. The meadow slope is ideal for lingering and viewing use and, in the future, will be accessible for all.

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