Historic Town Centre Lüdenscheid

The old town district of Lüdenscheid is an independent site with a strong identity: it acts as an integrative fitting piece within the surrounding urban space and has significant potential as a residential and business location. During redevelopment the aim is to preserve the charm and identity of this old town quarter. A uniform paving layer of natural stone harmonises the striking urban layout of the circular old town and emphasises the charming morphology of its alleyways. Extensive integration of the existing paving into the barrier-free development serves to preserve its characteristic ambience. The old market area and Graf-Engelbert Square are designed as free and versatile urban squares. The Burgspielplatz and the greenery-characterised triangle of Turmstrasse complete the open space for residents and visitors of the old town. Robust street furniture is invitingly placed on the squares. The old town quarter, carefully redeveloped based on its existing layout, will continue to be the ‚old town‘. Atmospherically and spatially it forms the rough counterpart to the lively pedestrian zone and the prestigious surroundings of the town hall.

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