Friedrich-Ebert-Platz, Remscheid

Friedrich-Ebert Square in Remscheid and the central bus station, located between the town centre and important public buildings, are of high urban significance. The square is to be designed as a place of mobility and as well, as a living urban space. The southern part of the square with its loose trees offers a high quality of dwelling with spatial distance to traffic, and strengthens the green connection between the Allee Center (shopping centre) and the Bökerspark. The bus station is comprehended as a place of movement and transit and is organised in a linear fashion along Elberfelder Strasse. It is designed with a minimisation of traffic areas in mind and to provide a high level of flexibility. On four saw-shaped bus platforms, four buses are grouped per direction of travel. Independent entry and exit of the buses is ensured at every stop. The proposed structure offers short bus platforms and walking paths when changing buses and the uniform arrangement of the buses enables passengers to quickly find their way about.