Former Sternburg Brewery, Leipzig

The Sternburg brewery was of high importance for Leipzig-Lützschena during its operational lifetime. It is and remains a formative component of the identity of the town district and is part of the common heritage of the citizens. ‚Zum Wohl‘ is the working title for a revitalised and stimulating residential quarter, carefully developed from the esteemed buildings of the old brewery. An own identity is created via the precise integration and assembly of existing and new urban building blocks. The scale of the blocks and building structures and the appropriateness in handling the existing building construction, as well as a balanced level of structural and open density, are important reference values for the new quarter. A public framework of paths, analogous to the former loading streets, runs through the quarter and links it in all directions with its surroundings. A sequence of urban and partly green spaces thus comes about that provides space for neighbourhood life. An atmosphere appropriate to the context and location is created due to the high proportion of green space in both public and private spaces and thanks to a frontal garden zone planned for all new buildings.