Südschnellweg, Hannover

Necessary fundamental renovation measures on Hanover‘s Südschnellweg, an elevated overpass road constructed in the 1960s, are the occasion to develop a sustainable large-scale concept for the traffic space and urban and open area of the Döhren district of the city. For the inner-city area, it is proposed that the Südschnellweg and associated access roads be implemented below ground in a tunnel. As a consequence there arises the opportunity to develop the currently heterogeneous and underused areas to the north of the Südschnellweg as an urban quarter in the vicinity of the S-Bahn (suburban railway) station. A new district park is being created to the east of Hildesheimer Strasse near to several social facilities. In the landscaped area of the Ricklinger Kiesteiche adjoining to the west, a minimally invasive construction method is proposed for the extensive renewal activities. By maintaining the dam location of the Südschnellweg and extending the route only on one side, the interventions in the landscape and tree population are minimised.