Archaeology Park Corvey

As part of the Höxter 2023 Garden Show, the archaeology park was newly created on the vast areas in the Corvey Weserbogen. The traces of the town of Corvey, which was destroyed by the Höxterans in 1165, are only around 20 cm below the current ground level in places. Only in the area of the former Corvey sawmill were extensive interventions to create a park possible. The central area of the deserted town is framed by a 600m long wooden walkway as an archaeological window. Exhibition cubes docked to the walkway tell the history of the site, corresponding to the tracings of the destroyed market church and the former Hellweg within the window. Relics of the former sawmill are also integrated into the design - a playground in and around the old silo tower forms an attractive place in the direct vicinity of the planned visitor center. The surrounding areas in the Weserbogen will be developed as an extensive landscape park with gardens, orchards and farmland, supplemented by the grazed meadows along the banks of the Weser.