Garden show, Neustadt an der Weinstraße

In the transition between the commercially heterogeneous settlement edge of Neustadt an der Weinstraße and the adjoining wooded landscape area to the east, they have been lying for decades: overgrown, enchanted and enchanted areas. The areas in the waiting state are a treasure for Neustadt. With the initial of the state horticultural show, a new variety of open spaces will be created along the blue ribbons of the Speyer- and Rehbach brooks, between Auenwiese and Deponieberg. Each of the new park spaces is spatially and atmospherically independent and characteristic with regard to its existing, the offers and situations given and possible therein. The park spaces interlock spatially and functionally - they act and play together as a harmonious patchwork. They are connected by the brooks, a loose, partly dense grove of trees and shrubs, wide vistas and a differentiated network of paths. The result is an interplay of small-scale situations, generous meadow images and sections in the small woods. The circular path, which fits into the topography of the terrain and the tree population, connects the park sections without thresholds. The network of paths becomes denser where it is required by the use, becomes wide-meshed and filigree where it is required by the existence.