Water front Kiellinie, Kiel

On the shoreline of the Kiel Fjord, the small scale and density of the city, the greenery of the parks opening up to the east and the expanse of the Fjord meet in an exciting way. The urban, yet green character of the western shore is taken up and continued as a leitmotif for the Kiellinie. Along the future 'pedestrian-friendly' Kiellinie, previously hidden and incidental open spaces will be activated, and previously underused areas and backsides will be reclaimed for recreation and activity. The tree population along the movement line is comprehensively supplemented and creates a shady green border for the new waterfront and park promenade. Starting from the steep slope of the fjord and the moving waves of the sea, the relief and morphology of the lakeside and park promenade and the docked open spaces will be shaped in an eventful and spatially diverse way. A promenade-accompanying, steeply rising and flatly tapering stone seating edge offers a free and varied stay with the best view. Its contour forms exposed situations and slightly recessed areas. Along the 'wavy line', linking promenade squares and special places are lined up as a playfully rhythmic sequence. The squares are spatially and atmospherically differentiated, and all of them become lively meeting places on the shore that can be played in a variety of ways.