Volme Park, Kierspe

Kierspe in the Sauerland region has to cope with high traffic volumes, social and demographic problems and the handling of its industrial legacies. The Volme Park in Kierspe, in interaction with the renaturalised Volme River, is to form a nature-related, public open space for the Kierspe railway station district.

The park is comprehended and designed as a section of the surrounding Volmetal conservation area and as a characteristic landscape space. The urban influence and the location of the site create an independent interpretation of the landscape atmosphere. The course of the river, renaturalised within its old bed, will be strengthened in terms of quality of experience via the topography of the park. On both sides of the Volme the topography is fundamentally remodelled, the river thus being staged centrally in the park. The presence of the roads and railway tracks located at the edges will be reduced in the park. An exposed tribune facility with freely distributed seating steps is integrated into the slope as part of the modelling plan. A multi-purpose action area brings together the activities of all generations and offers direct access to the river bank. The southern slope forms the quiet and extensive counterpart.

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