Garden Show Neuss

The Bürgerpark Neuss will be further developed from the fragmented, but atmospherically valuable inventory of the former racecourse in a sustainable way. The result is a park space of great diversity and differentiated usability and appropriateness, as well as multifaceted readings. Past layers of time and histories intertwine with the new traces of future uses inscribed in the park. Active-urban and extensive-natural come together in the robustly and flexibly structured Bürgerpark. Large events, even larger festivals, short and long walks, play for all, wild meadows and thorny hiding places, hot sun and cooling shade. The open expanseof the central meadow is framed by a powerful tree frame and its contours are structured. Human-scaled park spaces, varied spatial sequences and contrasting independent atmospheres are created in the park sections. Generous park windows visually connect urban and park space. A differentiated network of paths opens up the extensive Bürgerpark for different speeds.