Primary School Sewanstraße, Berlin

The schoolyard of the newly constructed elementary school on Sewanstraße in Berlin-Lichtenberg will be bordered by trees and the gymnasium to the north and the school to the south, with the central schoolyard and areas for play and sports appearing as an open clearing. The trees as well as the areas immediately surrounding the school building will serve for various small-scale uses. A framework of pathways of varying width is to connect all subareas and to provide space for free movement play. Various utilisation scopes are considered and translated to differentiated open spaces: “loud” break uses are located directly around the school building in the yard and play areas facilitating intensive use. More “quiet” uses are possible with spatial differentiation in the various framework areas partially lined with trees. The project is part of Berlin’s school construction initiative and will receive roughly 400 students from spring 2020. Its outdoor facilities are scheduled for completion over the course of 2020.