University Campus, Weimar

The Bauhaus University of Weimar has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1996. However, the central open space between the Van de Velde buildings must now be used much more intensively than at the time of Weimar‘s first School of Arts and Crafts. It is part of the historically significant architectural ensemble, and at the same time a lively campus of 4,000 students.

The entrances to the campus are accentuated by openly designed spaces. The impressive architectural and spatial dialogue between the two Van de Velde buildings thus marks the welcoming entrance to the campus. The topography between the buildings is reinterpreted based on the historical spatial structure. The simply designed surroundings allows the Van de Velde buildings to stand out and also form the calm basis for the wide variety of uses. The campus to the north of the main building is coherently brought together by a uniform paving covering. The three sub-areas, already legible in their existing form, are enhanced regarding level of independence and quality: the open lawn surface, a loose campus grove and the garden courtyard.