Dr.-Paul-Rosenbaum-Platz, Ahlen

Large and very large festivals have lent supra-regional significance to the square Dr.-Paul-Rosenbaum-Platz for decades. At the same time, the square represents one of the essential open spaces for the surrounding heterogeneous urban space. The spaciousness and unprogrammed nature of the square constitute its potential: It is “capable of more than just festivals” – it provides the opportunity to establish a new lively place to linger as well as available space for active use in Ahlen. The edges of the square will be developed from the existing buildings and supplemented by further tree placements in extensive green areas. The spaces for play, activity and lingering developed based on the context of the square are framed by a loose border of trees compatible with the urban climate. Their light shade invites everyone to rest and linger in a variety of ways. The furniture in the transitional area between the border and the clearing helps to enliven the open space in the middle of the square. Rainwater beds with robust mixed plantings achieve sustainable rainwater handling.