Kornhausplatz, Göppingen

The Adelberg Kornhaus is an important part of the history of Göppingen, and with its use as a municipal library it is also an important site in the everyday life of the Göppingen residents. The identity-creating, isolated position of the building on the square is recognised in its scope for potential and supported within the framework of the open space design by an independent ground covering of the Kornhausplatz in the urban space. The square is substructured by nuanced tree plantings and framed on its longitudinal sides by additional urban trees. The view to the Kornhaus and entrance of the passage in the north is kept clear by high-crowned trees. The ‚voluminous‘ dominance of the Friedrich building is playfully reduced by the filigree tree crowns. The uniform surface arranged in rows is divided by two finely fitted topographies: two flat drag steps set off the reading garden and the slightly raised café terrace at the ends of the square.