Market Square Neustadt an der Orla

As the core of the historic old town, the market square, currently dominated by stationary traffic, is designed in interaction with the surrounding alleys. The square stands out valuably and independently with its qualitative paving of granite and without creating a fracture to the surrounding old town. At festivals it offers a spacious central zone for events and markets and in everyday life is attractively enhanced by a flat-level fountain. In the historic stone town, its edges are enlivened by the precise placement of medium-sized city trees and nuanced options for staying and lingering. The division of the market square into two already legible sub-areas is delineated. In addition to the open ‚stage on the square‘ in front of the town hall, the ‚salon‘ with a stock of trees in the north west of the square offers shade and space for smaller market uses and for requisite parking spaces.