Neustädter Kirchplatz, Einbeck

Neustädter Kirchplatz, in addition to the market and Möncheplatz, is one of the central sites in the historic half-timbered town of Einbeck. In the middle of the 13th century it was systematically planned in the course of the town‘s expansion and was the location of Einbeck‘s Marienkirche until 1963.

The site of the earlier church is now surrounded by a framing promenade and the open centre of the square is bordered by two double rows of trees. The slightly raised central grass area becomes a valuable open space for the citizens and visitors of the town of Einbeck. The interior of the nave, as documented by the town‘s archaeological investigations, is traced as a rectangular inlay in the surface of the grass and lowered by 15cm. The interplay of massive half-timbered structures and filigree decorations in Einbeck‘s townscape is reflected in an array of street furniture on the square, each of which creates special qualities of stay for its different areas. A uniform covering of high quality concrete stone creates a calm, quiet square and natural integration into the surrounding urban space.