Spitzgarten Klosterinsel Rheinau, Rheinau/Switzerland

The monastery and its gardens, the entire island of Rheinau - built on and on over centuries and centuries - form a unique ensemble of layers of time, (open) spaces and different atmospheres. Each specific and impressive, they complement each other and act as an overall picture. The open space concept for the north shore of the island and the Spitzgarten establishes the reference to the multifaceted history and carefully continues to write the valuable open spaces from the inventory in a future-oriented way. Starting from the Rhine bridge, the accessibility and connection of the Spitzgarten is qualified by a direct promenade path with a slight curve. Precise interventions in the existing path of the Spitzgarten create a generously free and pleasantly simple lawn center, which spatially balances and holds together the set pieces from different time layers. A simple yet differentiated circular path circles the garden within the walls and opens up the subspaces - the walk through Spitzgarten as a loop and 'journey through time'.