Schlossplatz Detmold

Detmold's Schlossplatz is the place where people meet in everyday life and meet for a relaxed afternoon in the park, where people celebrate festivals and celebrate culture and tradition. The Schlossplatz is both clearly and characteristically defined and integrated into the urban space in an urban and lively way. The Schlossplatz is being carefully developed from the valuable existing buildings. Precise interventions in the pathways and the vegetation allow the Schlossplatz to be experienced as an 'overall picture' again and bring together the characteristic existing structure and two 'new' places: from the historic forecourt of the palace to the secluded fountain square in the middle of the park to the light shadow play on the lively esplanade. The Schlossplatz is and remains the 'heart' of Detmold. In keeping with its special significance, it is being redesigned and developed for the future: Restrained and fundamental at the same time.